Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eggs and Pacakes, Take Two!

So the other day I decided to reattempt the Zucchini pancakes to see if I could improve them. Along with them I decided to make a rolled egg omelette (again both Korean, next time I will do a different country). I am happy to report that the Zucchini pancakes came out even better this time and I have a few pictures to share of it as well!

I tried making a few smaller pancakes rather than the one large one and that worked wonderfully. This really is becoming a fast favorite in my book (If anyone wants the recipes just let me know!).

Then came the rolled omelette. Now this is yummy and not hard to make, although you do have to be patient. So, if you aren't, just be warned it might not be for you.

You start off mixing all the ingredients into a bowl: eggs, chopped onion, salt, sugar, and pepper. Then, warm up olive oil in a pan. Once it heats through, you lower the heat and pour 1/3 of the egg mixture into the pan. You need to try to shape it into a rectangle. The ever perfectionist that I am I tried to get it to be as much in the shape of a rectangle as possible, but perfect it was not. Still, it worked. Once it starts to cook through you are going to flip one side, along the longer edge of the rectangle, in towards the center. As it slowly cooks you keep folding this portion over itself. When you roll be sure that it is sturdy enough before you do (this is where the patience comes in). Otherwise, it is going to break at different portions. It still will be perfectly fine, just not as pretty. As you go folding it in, you have to fill in the opposite side with the remaining egg mixture to keep the rectangular shape. With a spoon, pour the remaining egg mixture to fill in the gaps until you have no mixture left. It looks something like this...

You keep on rolling it until you can no longer roll it any further.

At this point you have to brown all four sides. Be sure to be careful when you are holding it up on its leaner sides so it doesn't fall or break.

Now its time to take it off the heat and let it slightly cool.

Once it is easy to handle, you cut it into smaller pieces that can be arranged on a plate or packed into a lunch case. It's very yummy and nutritious. From what the adorable Korean lady was saying, this is a typical lunch box item for Korean children. I am definitely a fan.

Well that's it for today. No crazy mishaps to report. Next blog I will be doing another country. Any requests? I'm thinking Thailand, China, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, or Morocco.

Oh, and I would also like to thank Me-Ami for her picture taking assistance! :)

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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! I have to try this it looks awesome!!!